"It's not about who's harvesting, it's about the inappropriate amount of pipis being harvested." 

Venus Bay is one of a few beaches in Victoria that supports a population of pipis (Donax (Plebidonax) deltoides).  These small clams are important to the eco system & food chain.  


Venus Bay is a small coastal community with limited infrastructure & each year is swamped by thousands of day trippers to harvest pipis.  Pipi harvesting has been an escalating issue for the Venus Bay Community for over 25 years...not only for the impact on the community & infrastructure but for the over harvesting of pipis & damage to be bio-diversity of the environment.


The Victorian Government department The Victorian Fisheries Authority (VFA) manage the regulations of pipi harvesting & fishing licenses. To date they have conducted several studies, which they use to promote the current pipi harvesting as sustainable.  The last study concluded that the current harvest level is sustainable even though the majority of the current pipis are small & immature.   An independent report by an experience marine ecologist released in 2013 concludes that the current harvest practices may not be sustainable. 

Christmas Day 2013 - Venus Bay Pipis

28 Dec 2013 - Venus Bay Pipis

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Venus Bay Pipis, Venus Bay Pipis.jpg

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