Reporting Littering - penalties & what to do...

Sick of Venus Bay beaches being trashed?



Report Venus Bay litterers by calling South Gippsland Shire Council on 03 5662-9200

or EPA Victoria on 1300 EPAVIC (1300 372 842). 

Information needed to issue littering fines is: 



Time of the offence

Vehicle Registation of littering driver or passenger/s


Report litterers in just a few seconds with either of these FREE & EASY APPs


Download free 'Snap.Send.Solve.' app for all smart phones, take a photo of the offence or offender/s, enter the required information and the app will send a formal litter report to the council


Take a photo of the offence offender/s & the litter, enter the required informaion & the app will submit a formal litter report to EPA Victoria


Report litterers:

South Gippsland Shire Council

03 5662 9200

with: Date/Time/Location & Vehicle Rego




EPA Victoria

Phone:  1300 EPA VIC (1300 372 842)


& enter details of a littering offence in to EPA Victoria's website.


EPA Victoria's 'Summer Litter Campaign':


Littering offences relating to vehicle drivers or passengers can be reported to  or EPA Victoria.  Littering offenders can be fined and ordered to remove their own litter.  In 2013-14 littering fines in Victoria start at $289, even for small items like cigarette butts and take away wrappers.  Examples of littering at Venus Bay beaches and car parks that could and should be reported include:


  • Pipi harvesters who leave piles of Pipi shells or other waste items in the car parks or dunes beside or behind their cars instead of using the bins provided

  • Anglers/Fishermen who leave empty buckets, bait bags, tangled fishing line or other litter before driving off

  • Beach users who leave dirty nappies around their cars or throw them in the dunes, especially where bins are provided

  • People who dump large garbage bags from their homes in the beach bins then drive off (instead of getting a bin service for their house or using the waste and recycling Transfer Station)

  • Dog walkers who do not pick up their dog's 'litter' before driving off

  • Campers who leave garbage bags or other litter around their camp site then just drive off 

  • Thousands of smokers who butt their CIGARETTES out in the beach car parks or flick burning ones in to sand dunes every summer as they get in or out of cars.  Did you know the penalty is doubled to $563 if a cigarette butt is still burning when it is littered?


Victoria's Environment Protection Act gives ordinary members of the community a unique power to be able to initiate enforcement action for littering offences they see, especially if the littering happened from a moving vehicle or near a stationary vehicle.  Victoria's law enables littering fines to be issued directly to a vehicle's registered owner.  If the littering offence was committed by a passenger then the vehicle owner has the option to supply the name and address of the offending passenger/s so the fine can be redirected.

Normal weekend after harvesting.JPG
Normal weekend after harvesting.JPG

Christmas Day Rubbish.JPG
Christmas Day Rubbish.JPG

Beach 5 after harvesters have left

Christmas Day rubbish Beach 5.jpeg
Christmas Day rubbish Beach 5.jpeg

photo: Anna B

Normal weekend after harvesting.JPG
Normal weekend after harvesting.JPG