Seasonal Pipi Collection Restrictions 

This petition found it's feet March 2013 & aims for a closed pipi harvesting season for all Venus Bay beaches over the busy summer season bringing reprieve to locals, visitors & pipis alike.   The online petition will continue over the 2018/2019 Christmas & New Year period. 

Over 3000 signatures have been gathered - 2800 via the internet & 300 written.

History & back ground for this petition - Venus Bay...the so called 'RACIST COMMUNITY'!

This petition was originally designed to work around the constant racist label that our community received by the State governing departments whenever concerns of over harvesting ware raised. Our community has found it extremely hard to be heard by the government, even when this petitions was presented to the relevant departments they said that 'every person who has signed it is a RACIST!'

In the new pipi plan by the State Government reports Asians are the predominant pipi harvesters.  With this in the light, our community can no longer be labeled 'racist' for wanting the best for our environment. 

Petition: No Pipi Harvesting Over Peak Summer Season

Why Petition...

Each year Venus Bay is swamped by thousands of day-trippers with the sole purpose to collect pipis & each yea becomes worse. The petition is for safety, access, recreation & prevention of over harvesting pipis of Venus Bay beaches.



The major problems include:

  • Venus Bay is a high Fire Zone area & is one of Victoria's most dangerous beaches - rated 7/10 as highly hazardous!

  • Over harvesting of pipis

  • Fish & bird food-stock being depleted from over harvesting - ​A pipi size limit to be implemented, as every size is harvested

  • Parking restrictions not being observed creating limited access for vehicles & a major access risk for emergency vehicles 

  • Walking to the beach is dangerous & challenging due to lack of footpaths & excess parking

  • Harvesters park all day, not allowing recreational beach users access

  • Large sections of churned sand from harvesting creates a risk to our Surf Life Saving Club members & their response to emergencies along the beach

  • Increase of general litter in the ocean, on the beach, car parks & surrounding shrub lands

  • Venus Bay's infrastructure was not designed to carry such an increase in traffic

Impact on locals & visitors...

Many visitors & locals to the beach leave feeling disillusioned, angry & frustrated at the lack of respect that many harvesters have for sustainability, the beach & surrounding environment.  

Fisheries, DEDJTR & Parks Vic - So Far...

In April 2013 over 1000 signatures from this petition were presented to DEDJTR (was DEPI), Fisheries, Parks Victoria & members of the Community Reference Group (CRG) - all were against a closed season.  


Fisheries claimed they can not legally close any beach & wouldn't close Venus Bay due to their research. They then went on to accuse every person that signed the petition of being a racist. This accusation was 

backed up by local members of the CRG.  


A local community group commissioned an experience marine ecologist to report on the sustainability of 

Fisheries research. The new report found that the current harvesting practices may not be sustainable.  Fisheries have elected to stay with their conclusion that their research is solid & their 'Pipis now & forever' slogan... 


recent study commissioned by DEDJTR reports that the current pipi harvesting level is sustainable even tho the remaining the Pipis sizes are small & immature...if the studies in SA are correct this is not large enough for reproducing, which the average person would understand this is not sustainable.